Inspiring Stories of Resilience

Accomplished Athletes

Heart-warming stories and timeless wisdom from accomplished athletes who have journeyed to become champions of their lives. This book is your coach during tough times and shining wins, bringing you key lessons for growth and success. The adage goes, life is a game, and this book will have your back when you’re in the field.

Six simple words will change your life. Are you ready to “Never Quit on a Bad Day™”?

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Meet The Accomplished Athletes

Phebe Trotman
Carl Valentine
Dante Fabbro
Joel Anthony
John Frank, M.D
Julia Budd
Ronnie Jagday
Scott Morgan
Jason Holder
Andrea Neil
Donovan Bailey

Inspiring Stories of Resilience

Thriving Entrepreneurs

Practical advice and stories of wisdom fill the pages of this book. Reading it will energize you to overcome your challenges, strengthen you with the tools needed to do it, and invoke your sense of gratitude for your personal journey.

Six simple words will change your life. Are you ready to “Never Quit on a Bad Day”?

Buy Now - Thriving EntrepreneursAbout The Book

Meet The Thriving Entrepreneurs

Vanessa Hunter
Jordan Adler
Jimmy Dick
Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert
Phebe Trotman
Jen Furness and Jeanie Fountain
Steve Schulz
Dave and Roxanne Obiso
Scott Pospichal
Simon Chan

Inspiring Stories of Resilience

Thriving Entrepreneurs Edition

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  • Heartfelt stories of real struggles from acclaimed entrepreneurs and accomplished athletes

  • Practical advice from others who have persevered

  • Mindset shifts and helpful tools for you to utilize in your own life

  • Take comfort that you are not alone as you face challenges and setbacks

  • Practice gratitude for the things that go right – as well as for the things that don’t

  • Ascend to greatness - become the champion of your own life

  • Never Quit on a Bad Day™ and change your life!

Accomplished Athletes Edition

Buy Now - Accomplished Athletes

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Words of Praise

While reading the Never Quit on a Bad Day stories and watching the videos of these accomplished entrepreneurs/business builders, it was refreshing to learn about the underbelly struggles, victories, and fulfillment that each transparently revealed. I felt reminded and encouraged throughout my own success journey. The reflection pages are heartwarming and reawakening for the soul. This quick read will serve as a support system in your life's continuous success story.

- Kori B.

Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Personal Growth Coach

*****Easy To Read + Powerful Stories = Reader Encouragement & Success

If you are tired of reading the so-called self-help or motivational books that are huge on hype but minuscule on delivery, then THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU.

The content is stupendous. Success is not just a dream, and reading this book shows you that through real-life stories of people who decided to Never Quit on a Bad Day.

Welcome to great success stories in small doses...!! Thank you for writing this book!

- Steven B.

Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, and Speaker

As if creating the perfect recipe for your success, Phebe offers you strength and camaraderie within these pages. Among the stories and her enlightening end of chapter reflections, you’ll find tips and strategies for cultivating resilience and perseverance in your own life.

- Vanessa H.

Top 50 Women Leaders in San Diego, COO of Higdon Group, Author, and Motivational Speaker

Thank you, Phebe Trotman, for writing this book. Reading heartfelt personal stories from so many who also went through situations where they contemplated quitting will encourage people to persevere. These are great short stories from incredibly successful women and men who offer great advice, tips, and positive affirmations for people in business, network marketing, and other personal goals and endeavors.

I have never read a book that shares defeats and triumphs in such a personal relatable way! The reader will definitely not feel alone with their struggles. This will encourage perseverance!

I absolutely look forward to the next one in the series.

- Terry S.

Mother of 4, Wife, and Entrepreneur

The world of network marketing needs your book.  By taking the stories of super successful people in the industry and having them share some of their worst days, it makes my bad days in business seem not so bad.  And it makes me think "if they can get through THAT I can surely get through this.” The sections on resilience are great!  Lots of thought provoking questions and quotes for inspiration.  By letting us all peek behind the curtain of perceived perfection, we get to see the real struggles and stories of perseverance that we can all draw inspiration from.  I can't wait to share it with people!

- Michelle S.-T.

Teacher, Podcast Host, and Entrepreneur

This powerful, heartfelt book of inspiring real-life stories, highlights the power and beauty of human connection. It reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and that it’s what we choose to do on the tough days that will define our futures.

The reflections on resilience sections at the end of each chapter, provide tangible take aways to implement positive changes in your life. Ones that will help you take steps closer to achieving your dreams, whatever they may be.

Every chapter contains nuggets of gold, and is engaging & inspiring from the foreword to the afterword! Overall it left me feeling positive, inspired, excited and hopeful.

Thank you for writing this! It’s one I know I will find myself returning to often, and most definitely sharing with my family, friends, students and team.

- Renne A.

Entrepreneur, Teacher, & Coach

What a fun read! You get a glimpse of the lives of many successful individuals and how they overcome their obstacles and realize their own potential! It never gets old! I saw my journey, my struggles and I was reminded that at this moment I'm at the right place! 

- Ivan H.

Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Lifelong Learner

This book is a must-read and one I will continue to recommend to my coaches, clients, family, friends and community to help build their spirits and navigate some of life's sticky moments to know that we will be okay no matter what life brings our way as we never forget that we are capable of achieving our dreams even if it takes us a few months, a year or years as long as we work hard, have faith in God, remain focused, remember our why and never forget who we are and aspire to be on that journey. Never Quit on a Bad Day is my new favourite mantra because I believe with the right people around you and at any moment and time, with dedication, consistency and resilience to preserve in difficult moments, we as humans can transform our lives. 

- Efe F.

Coach, Founder of Odihi Foundation, and Speaker

This book is a unique, sincere, and heartfelt tool that inspires us to never quit on a bad day. Phebe introduces us to individuals who share their successes and struggles to encourage us all to fight our fears. It is not an over-the-top motivational cheerleader book but rather an optimistic and realistic nudge to follow our dreams and appreciate that fear is a natural part of achieving those dreams and navigating life.

As a naturopathic doctor, I resonate with the vibe of this book because these amazing individuals always promote kindness, helping others, and expressing gratitude.

The Reflections on Resilience exercises that Phebe offers are straightforward and thought-provoking. On a personal note, I was in a place that needed a push and some reconnection with my craft, and this book provided exactly that!

Thank you for taking me on this journey, and I am excited to share this book with my community.

- Dr. Sarah W.

Naturopathic Doctor

"Never Quit on a Bad Day" is an inspiring compilation of stories that delve into the journey of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each highlighting a unique journey to success. This collection goes beyond mere anecdotes; it offers a candid exploration of their struggles, failures, and the unwavering determination that ultimately led to their success. In a world inundated with success blueprints, this book stands apart by shedding light on the often-overlooked facets of pain and failure that pave the way to achievement. It serves as an invaluable companion on those disheartening days when your goals or dreams appear unattainable and you're tempted to surrender.

With practical exercises accompanying each story, and a bonus message from each storyteller, this book empowers you to apply these invaluable lessons directly to your own life. Finally, Phebe offers sound instruction on how to discern the right moment to gracefully exit, empowering you to shape your own destiny on your terms. This book is an essential read for anyone who has ever faced the urge to quit when faced with those bad days.

 - Renita D.

Investor & Entrepreneur

"Never Quit On A Bad Day" is an inspiring book to anyone in business. This book offers encouragement to any person that has had a discouraging day. How to triumph over a tough day is literally the playbook of an entrepreneur. I have heard the saying entrepreneurs jump off the cliff and build the wings on the way down. Well this book gives you the instructions on building the wings. That being said this book should be required reading for anyone in an MLM, considering to join an MLM, considering quitting an MLM and of course business people in general. Phebe's quote was on the money when she said "pray like it depends on God, work like it depends on you"! I was reading the book in my car by the water and yelled out 'YES!'. This book will be in the hands of Directors that I know in MLM's and I am going to require that my employees read it.

Thank you for writing this book! Much needed punch in the arm to a CEO really going for it this year!

- John C.

CEO of Carlisle Staffing Consultants Corp.

We often perceive success through a very subjective lens. As Phebe has managed to convey in this fascinating book, we rarely witness the struggles many people endure on their path to success. As both a high-level athlete and a successful entrepreneur, Phebe has captured incredibly awe-inspiring stories from some of North America's greatest business minds. They not only provide insights into the success of their businesses but, more importantly, offer tips and guidance on how to persevere through challenging days.

- Liam C.

CMF Head Soccer Coach, Boys (Under 8 to Under 18) 

Never Quit on a Bad Day is brilliant! The stories of determination, clarity, resilience, strength, and relationships are inspiring.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling very overwhelmed, knowing what I needed to accomplish for the day. As I was finishing up the book, there was a story or even a sentence that I needed to hear at that very moment. When things got tough during the day, I kept repeating to myself, "Don't quit, don't quit on a bad day." I made it through the day, and I will carry that same mantra forward today!

I also really enjoyed the actionable steps at the end of each chapter as they provide an opportunity for reflection and clarity. These exercises helped me get unstuck and never quit on a bad day!! I will be gifting this book to team members, colleagues, family, and friends.

- Duette A.

RN, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Speaker

    Six simple words. One short phrase. Yet, the meaning behind this saying, if you live by it, will change your life.

    Never Quit on a Bad Day™

    The Never Quit on a Bad Day book series will inspire you to push through the tough days. Everyone has frustrating moments and days. The people featured in this book series also faced challenges and struggles, but they didn’t quit. You’ll read about some of the bad moments, days, and seasons thriving business leaders, couples, athletes and entrepreneurs have persevered through to get to where they are now, which can help you learn how to keep going on your challenging days.

    This book series won’t just inspire you to keep going on the difficult days, it will also give you tools, ideas, and tips to help you push through those tough days and remind you just how resilient you really are!