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Words of Praise

"...The content is stupendous. Success is not just a dream, and reading this book shows you that through real-life stories of people who decided to Never Quit on a Bad Day..."

- Steven B.,

Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, and Speaker

"...As if creating the perfect recipe for your success, Phebe offers you strength and camaraderie within these pages..."

- Vanessa H.,

Top 50 Women Leaders in San Diego, COO of Higdon Group, Author, and Motivational Speaker

"I felt reminded and encouraged throughout my own success journey. The reflection pages are heartwarming and reawakening for the soul..."

- Kori B.,

Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Personal Growth Coach

"Thank you, Phebe Trotman, for writing this book. Reading heartfelt personal stories from so many who also went through situations where they contemplated quitting will encourage people to persevere..."

- Terry S.

Mother of 4, Wife, and Entrepreneur

"...By letting us all peek behind the curtain of perceived perfection, we get to see the real struggles and stories of perseverance that we can all draw inspiration from.  I can't wait to share it with people!"

- Michelle S.-T.

Teacher, Podcast Host, and Entrepreneur

"...Every chapter contains nuggets of gold, and is engaging & inspiring from the foreword to the afterword! Overall it left me feeling positive, inspired, excited and hopeful..."

- Renne A.

Entrepreneur, Teacher, & Coach

"What a fun read! You get a glimpse of the lives of many successful individuals and how they overcome their obstacles and realize their own potential! It never gets old! I saw my journey, my struggles and I was reminded that at this moment I'm at the right place! "

- Ivan H.

Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Lifelong Learner

"...Never Quit on a Bad Day is my new favourite mantra because I believe with the right people around you and at any moment and time, with dedication, consistency and resilience to preserve in difficult moments, we as humans can transform our lives."

- Efe F.

Coach, Founder of Odihi Foundation, and Speaker

"...It is not an over-the-top motivational cheerleader book but rather an optimistic and realistic nudge to follow our dreams and appreciate that fear is a natural part of achieving those dreams and navigating life..."

- Dr. Sarah W.

Naturopathic Doctor

"...In a world inundated with success blueprints, this book stands apart by shedding light on the often-overlooked facets of pain and failure that pave the way to achievement. It serves as an invaluable companion on those disheartening days when your goals or dreams appear unattainable and you're tempted to surrender..."

 - Renita D.

Investor & Entrepreneur

"...How to triumph over a tough day is literally the playbook of an entrepreneur.  I have heard the saying entrepreneurs jump off the cliff and build the wings on the way down.  Well this book gives you the instructions on building the wings..."

- John C.

CEO of Carlisle Staffing Consultants Corp.

"...As both a high-level athlete and a successful entrepreneur, Phebe has captured incredibly awe-inspiring stories from some of North America's greatest business minds. They not only provide insights into the success of their businesses but, more importantly, offer tips and guidance on how to persevere through challenging days."

- Liam C.

CMF Head Soccer Coach, Boys (Under 8 to Under 18) 

"...Never Quit on a Bad Day is brilliant!! The stories of determination, clarity, resilience, strength, and relationships are inspiring. Just when you feel like quitting, the actionable steps at the end of each chapter provide an opportunity for reflection and clarity..."

- Duette A.

RN, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Speaker

"I don't write many reviews but when something really inspires me - I have to shout it from the rooftops! This book should be assigned reading in high school and beyond. Such inspirational stories that really resonated with me. There are so many relatable stories that I can apply to my life. Thank you, Phebe, for bringing this collection together as well as filling it with practical advice that can be applied to any situation. Everyone can benefit from this book - I highly recommend it."

- C. Peterson
"Such a great read! Great stories of overcoming adversities through faith & resilience. The lessons teach us at getting good failing forward until we figure it out. That is what people need to understand and get OK with. I will read this book again & again as a reminder that life will keep knocking us down when we least expect it & it's how we respond to those lessons that will determine the trajectory of our lives."

- Bryan
"This book is an inspiration to anyone that reads it - Each and every story offers a well written account of overcoming adversity and or pushing through tough times and days. Phebe brilliantly brings light and light to the world through her words and stories. This would also be a great gift for the holidays for anyone that woks a job or is an entrepreneur."

- Eileen Schwartz
"Uplifting stories filled with motivation, dedication and the courage needed to overcome fears. Very easy to read and would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to be inspired."

- Molove357
"I loved the Reflections on Resilience sections at the end of each chapter. These thought-provoking questions served as a source of inspiration, encouraging me to persevere through a bit of a life rough patch. It's a powerful addition that adds both depth and practical encouragement to the book."

- K. Mobilio
"After only a few chapters in, this book definitely inspires! Beautiful stories of real people (including the author!) of pushing through adversity and coming out the other side, when things aren't necessarily looking so great or you're feeling defeated. Would recommend to anyone and everyone."

- PP
"The title alone inspired me! I found the stories in this book to be a source of inspiration and motivation. They beautifully portrayed the resilience of the human spirit, reminding me that no matter where we come from, we all share the similar struggles and triumphs. Each story left me with a sense of hope and a renewed appreciation for life's journey. It was the perfect companion for my vacation, offering both relaxation and inspiration."

- msbajan
"In "Never Quit on a Bad Day," Phebe's enduring inspiration translates seamlessly onto the pages. Her book is a heartfelt invitation to embrace resilience, providing relatable short stories, engaging exercises, and actionable wisdom that resonate deeply. "Never Quit on a Bad Day" equips us with the tools to not only face adversity, but to thrive within it. So, grab a cup of tea, a pen, and paper, and allow this book to empower you on your journey of personal growth."

- Sydney
"Thanks to the Author and the Contributors for sharing great stories and highlights.... I enjoyed the book greatly and have purchased many for gifts to my team....thanks again..."

- James Francis McHugh
"If you are looking for a well thought out and simple to follow guide to navigate the waters of personal growth and self improvement, this book is it! The book is packed with a wealth of information, with personal experience stories, which makes it an easy and enjoyable read."

- Happy Customer
"What a book of hope & inspiration. With tears streaming down my face I enjoyed every word!"

- Sondra K.
"This is such an inspiring book. It made me want to send it to young people who are struggling with who they are and if they can follow their dreams. I feel like we need more of these positive stories in a hard negative world. Great book and I highly recommend it."

- Char
"I LOVE this book Never Quit on a Bad Day. It inspires and reminds me of my favourite quote by Vivian Green, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." Each story shows no matter how tough things got they never quit, just kept moving forward. This book is great reminder of what has happened to me when I have struck tough times, I'm just about to give up, but then I remember how far I have come and to keep moving forward. We all have an inner strength that gets stronger with each challenge we face. Dig deep and take that next step, then the next on. Keep moving forward."

- Have2Travel
"Never Quit on a Bad Day is an uplifting look at how to conquer the obstacles that stand in the way of your ultimate goal. I loved that it didn’t just make me think about my own goals but how I support those are around me and what role am I playing to them. Each story is short but impactful with a beautiful and easy to connect with message (even though I’ve never flown a helicopter). This book will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your life and those around you."

- Amazon Customer
"Phebe!! Just finished your book in my after workout daily morning sauna time. (Sorry it took me this long, I had 3 books in the queue) I loved your book and all the personal stories! I wrote down different quotes as I read and have already used a couple on my son DJ. I read 100% true stories about people/athletes/history and I always love a book that makes me stop reading to think about the message and really understand it. And then sometimes reread it for memory. Yours did that! Great job my friend! Keep grinding!! "

- Lindsey Wile
"I'm thoroughly enjoying this book! The stories are uplifting and incredibly inspiring. I'm truly amazed by it. I'm determined to encourage my two teenagers to read it. Alternatively, I might opt to read them a chapter every day! I believe it would be incredibly beneficial for them to read this book, as it offers valuable lessons on working through adversity and overcoming challenging times. It illustrates the power of resilience and hard work."

- Sandi
"An absolute must read! The stories are so personable, relatable, and inspiring…I felt like I could hear their voices as I read each journey. Storytelling is a superpower and this book has it!"

- Tanya C

"I love this book!! Phebe has compiled an amazing group of stories from a wide variety of people. The unique challenges they faced truly demonstrate courage in getting back up and doing it again. A great read for those days we all have, truly inspiring!
I love the QR code links to the videos from each contributor, an extra treat at the end of each chapter. The reflections in every section add a chance to reflect on how we can apply the lessons in our own lives.
Thank you, Phebe, for a book that I will definitely re-read!"

- Brenda T.
"This is a highly inspiring book that features incredible stories of entrepreneurs' journeys to success. The diverse range of individuals and industries showcased in the book adds depth and relatability to the stories. The book is well-written and keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. The authenticity and vulnerability of the entrepreneurs' experiences make this book stand out, as it provides valuable insights and practical advice for readers. Overall, "Never Quit on a Bad Day" is a captivating read that motivates and encourages individuals on their entrepreneurial paths."

- Stunie

"When we are feeling particularly low and without steam in our boats of life, it can be quite enlightening to hear from others' experiences.

This book does that and it does that in spades. There were several deep moments in the book where I just knew that this book was speaking to me. The challenges in the chapters also serve to bring the message of this book more to home for the reader.

This book hit home for me. There are times where we feel stuck on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and don't know when to run home or if we still can. This book reminded me I still have so much to run for. Thanks so much for putting this together and sharing your dynamite thoughts, Phebe! This book is a gleaming treasure.

- Dallin Candland
"This book is a great source of encouragement for anyone wanting to have a breakthrough in life. It will help people have a positive transformation from feeling defeated to becoming fulfilled by getting a new perspective. Stories show success is not made overnight. It requires hard work, dedication, commitment, consistency, perseverance, and a great faith in God. It also depicts that anything is possible to achieve the moment you pour your heart and soul into it and put in all the necessary work especially during the challenging times. Certainly, quitting is never an option when you want to succeed in life!"

- Amazon Customer
"Everyone with big dreams and desires to succeed will benefit by the stories within the book. It's important for any of us 'go getters' to recognize and embrace the common obstacles that present along the way to our successes. This read is valuable with all the added tools and exercises we can do, that help up embrace the journey and build our resilience. IMO Excellent content. Come see for yourself. "

- Teresa B.
"Loved how this book was set up with easy to read stories and reflection exercises that can be read cover to cover or modularly. Each testimony was well captured; personal with purpose. As someone who can lack the time and focus to read, I found these burst of inspiration just what I needed! Thank you Phebe!! Looking forward to the series to come!"

- Lynn
"This book is the perfect compilation of relatable stories full of inspiration encouragement & growth. Readers will be able to relate to the important messages of living life with purpose and embracing hope and perseverance along the journey. A must read for everyone!"

- Osita H.
"Loved this book. Truly inspiring stories that provide real life examples of people overcoming and achieving their goals. Easy and practical reading for whatever season of life you’re in. Exactly what I needed during these uncertain times."

- Will
"An inspiration from front to back cover. Showing us the power language has with both self talk and in our interaction with others. These stories encourage us to set goals and dare us to dream, well done."

- SI
"This book is so well written and inspiring! The format of personal journeys recounted throughout the book is great as you can jump around to different stories easily and each has a personal message. Loved it!"

- Holly W
"I loved the message of this book and the format. It is definitely one I will go over again. Such inspirational stories and encouragement to just keep going!!!"

- Lesley McLean
"The title speaks for itself. ... Never quit on a bad day! What an amazing book that fills me with inspiration after reading it. The book reminds me to keep pushing for my toughest goals and aspirations even when it seems impossible. Easy book to read and follow and full of great motivation."

- Tclarkie
"This is the perfect book for anyone interested in personal growth! Great insights to maintain motivation and focus in the face of life’s challenges!!!! Adding these to my took kit for life! I highly recommend, "Never Quit on a Bad Day" to anyone striving to unleash their full potential, improve their motivation and stay focused on their goals."

- Jenn Pardalis
"I read this book within a couple hours cause I couldn’t put it down. The stories are not only inspiring but also relatable. Anyone who reads it will definitely take something meaningful away from this book. The reflections at the end of each story help to gain insights, increase self awareness and set personal goals."

- Ellice Daniel
"I have read this book and what I found amazing was the stories of people persevering to reach their goals and dreams. Finding the strength to overcome obstacles and using positive thoughts and words too keep that outlook. Imagine what all of us would be capable of if we followed these examples. BN"

- Kindle Customer
"This book was inspirational and full of wisdom. It teaches you solid principles that anyone looking to achieve an extraordinary life can achieve anything with the right plan, determination & consistency. I would highly recommend the teachings be taught in our school system. Nothing but pure gold!!!!!!:))))"

- Greg Houghton
"Fantastic book! If you are looking for something to motivate you and remind you that anything is possible, this is the book for you! Phebe, amazing job! Add this book to your collection as it a bright light in dark world!"

- T Simpson
"Never Quit on a Bad Day" is a heartfelt and genuine book that encourages resilience during difficult times. By sharing personal stories of successes and struggles, it strikes a balance between optimism and realism. Packed with golden nuggets, each chapter, from foreword to afterword, is inspiring, leaving you with a lasting sense of positivity, excitement, and hope."

- Nicole Stavness
"Loved the inspiring stories shared and this book will give anyone the strength to go on when they feel like giving up! Definitely worth reading again and again!"

- Agape