Looking for a keynote speaker and trainer who can deliver a powerful and inspiring message at your next event?

Phebe Trotman is an engaging and dynamic communicator and coach who is passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve their fullest potential. She combines her unique perspective and wealth of experience in network marketing, athletics, and team-centered coaching to offer practical insights and strategies for success in an entertaining presentation style that can help your team or audience excel, both personally and professionally.

Whether you're organizing a small workshop, a corporate or team building event, or company convention, Phebe has the skills and expertise to deliver a presentation that will resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impact.

Her friendly and approachable manner makes her a great choice for events of all sizes, and she is dedicated to making every event an unforgettable experience for your audience or team.

So, if you're looking for a keynote speaker who can help you take your event to the next level, think of Phebe Trotman. She will create a presentation that will inspire, inform, and motivate your audience to achieve their fullest potential.

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"...The content is stupendous. Success is not just a dream, and reading this book shows you that through real-life stories of people who decided to Never Quit on a Bad Day..."

- Steven B.,

Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, and Speaker

"...As if creating the perfect recipe for your success, Phebe offers you strength and camaraderie within these pages..."

- Vanessa H.,

Top 50 Women Leaders in San Diego, COO of Higdon Group, Author, and Motivational Speaker

"I felt reminded and encouraged throughout my own success journey. The reflection pages are heartwarming and reawakening for the soul..."

- Kori B.,

Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Personal Growth Coach

"Thank you, Phebe Trotman, for writing this book. Reading heartfelt personal stories from so many who also went through situations where they contemplated quitting will encourage people to persevere..."

- Terry S.

Mother of 4, Wife, and Entrepreneur

"...By letting us all peek behind the curtain of perceived perfection, we get to see the real struggles and stories of perseverance that we can all draw inspiration from.  I can't wait to share it with people!"

- Michelle S.-T.

Teacher, Podcast Host, and Entrepreneur

"...Every chapter contains nuggets of gold, and is engaging & inspiring from the foreword to the afterword! Overall it left me feeling positive, inspired, excited and hopeful..."

- Renne A.

Entrepreneur, Teacher, & Coach

"What a fun read! You get a glimpse of the lives of many successful individuals and how they overcome their obstacles and realize their own potential! It never gets old! I saw my journey, my struggles and I was reminded that at this moment I'm at the right place! "

- Ivan H.

Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Lifelong Learner

"...Never Quit on a Bad Day is my new favourite mantra because I believe with the right people around you and at any moment and time, with dedication, consistency and resilience to preserve in difficult moments, we as humans can transform our lives."

- Efe F.

Coach, Founder of Odihi Foundation, and Speaker

"...It is not an over-the-top motivational cheerleader book but rather an optimistic and realistic nudge to follow our dreams and appreciate that fear is a natural part of achieving those dreams and navigating life..."

- Dr. Sarah W.

Naturopathic Doctor

"...In a world inundated with success blueprints, this book stands apart by shedding light on the often-overlooked facets of pain and failure that pave the way to achievement. It serves as an invaluable companion on those disheartening days when your goals or dreams appear unattainable and you're tempted to surrender..."

 - Renita D.

Investor & Entrepreneur

"...How to triumph over a tough day is literally the playbook of an entrepreneur.  I have heard the saying entrepreneurs jump off the cliff and build the wings on the way down.  Well this book gives you the instructions on building the wings..."

- John C.

CEO of Carlisle Staffing Consultants Corp.

"...As both a high-level athlete and a successful entrepreneur, Phebe has captured incredibly awe-inspiring stories from some of North America's greatest business minds. They not only provide insights into the success of their businesses but, more importantly, offer tips and guidance on how to persevere through challenging days."

- Liam C.

CMF Head Soccer Coach, Boys (Under 8 to Under 18) 

"...Never Quit on a Bad Day is brilliant!! The stories of determination, clarity, resilience, strength, and relationships are inspiring. Just when you feel like quitting, the actionable steps at the end of each chapter provide an opportunity for reflection and clarity..."

- Duette A.

RN, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Speaker